Southside Pregnancy Center is the main foundation for this ministry, from that foundation two distinct programs were created that accomplish our overall mission to save lives and strengthen families. In 2019 both programs were legally established as a unique entity with their own d.b.a. (doing business as) name. So, while you may not see the name “Southside Pregnancy Center” lit up on the outside of our building, you will see these two signs which represent SPC and our mission work:

  • Southside Women’s Services (SPC’s Clinic)
  • ELEVATE your choice for family empowerment (SPC’s Parenting Program)

Understanding Our THREE Audiences

We believe communication is key! That’s why we have THREE WEBSITES. It is important that we provide accurate information, easily and quickly, to all THREE (3) of our distinctly different audiences:

  1. Supporters, Pro-Life Friends, Churches, Christians, and the General Public
  2. Patients/Medical
  3. Clients/Non-Medical

Understanding Our Messaging

We all understand the saying, “The right tool for the right job.” Our messaging follows that same concept, “The right message for the right audience.” Below is a brief synopsis of each website, its message and who it best serves:

Website #1:  Southside Pregnancy Center (SPC)


Best Serves: Supporters, Pro-Life Friends, Churches, Christians, and the General Public

This website (formerly was created for those who wish to learn more about Southside Pregnancy Center. At, visitors will discover more about our Christian foundation, our mission, what we believe, what we do, our events and how to get involved along with a host of other informative tidbits.

Website #2:  Southside Women’s Services (SSWS) (a.k.a. The Clinic)


Best Serves: Women seeking medical services or pregnancy healthcare information

This website is “client-facing,” and dedicated to attracting those making a pregnancy decision. We desire to serve those who are at the highest risk for abortion. Information on this site speaks directly to women who are considering an abortion plan or who have not yet “ruled out” abortion as an option. In a non-judgmental manner, we address issues many women have about abortion. We talk about the importance of receiving a diagnostic ultrasound BEFORE making an abortion decision, and of course, we talk about adoption and parenting options as well.

When it comes to our approach on this website and in the clinic, we take our cues from the women we’ve served and from national trends. We respect the intelligence and opinions of the women we see, and we value the lives of both, mother and preborn child. We take a professional approach in our medical model, and most women welcome a conversation during their appointment concerning their religious beliefs and their eternal destination.

Statistically speaking, we can attest, more women choose LIFE for their baby when they are

  1. well informed on all their pregnancy options,
  2. see their baby through ultrasound imaging, and
  3. have access to resources like our Baby Boutique in ELEVATE’s parenting program.

On this website, we lead with relevant education, information, and medically accurate data that she is seeking and needs to know. We are very aware of the sensitivity women have surrounding the issue of abortion and her unplanned pregnancy. She is already apprehensive, fearful and anticipating judgment or a high pressured, biased agenda. We want to meet her where she’s at and discuss what she wants to discuss. We are very patient with our patients, giving them time to process. They quickly realize we genuinely care about her welfare. They know we are a safe place, no judgement, no pressure. Our patience pays off. Women TRUST us, and we don’t want to jeopardize that trust! (Because friends tell friends.) When we listen to her, she willingly listens to us. The exchange is natural and organic, and the spiritual and life-affirming discussions are much more productive with a greater, positive outcome for her and her baby.

Website #3  ELEVATE your choice for family empowerment (SPC’s Parenting Program and Baby Boutique)


Best Serves:  Pregnant and/or those Parenting diaper-age children

This website is also “client-facing;” however the focus is parenting education and material assistance. In the ELEVATE educational program, young mothers and fathers (and/or those caring for diaper-age children) are welcome to participate in this incentive-based program. ELEVATE’s focus: teach young parents how to “do family God’s way.”  Visitors to this website will find information on enrolling in ELEVATE’s program, receiving maternity and baby supplies from ELEVATE’s Baby Boutique, accessing or attending an online or in-house educational classes, and volunteer opportunities at ELEVATE.

We encourage you to visit all three websites.