All of our services are provided at no cost to our Clients. See details below for more information.

Pregnancy Tests

The First Step

When a woman (or couple) walk through our doors, they are in search of answers. We strive to meet them where they are. The first step is determining if she is pregnant. Our Nurse performs a urine-based test using a high quality, medical grade pregnancy test.

Our competent and compassionate Clinic Ministry Team is comprised of trained Patient Advocates, licensed Medical Doctors, and Nurses, and credentialed Sonographers. Together they provide the emotional, spiritual, healthcare education, and diagnostic testing she/they need to make an informed decision about the baby she is carrying.

A Patient’s First Visit

A first visit will last approximately one hour. Our approach is woman-focused, permission based, truthful and accurate. Information is delivered in an unbiased, non-judgmental way, and services are always FREE of charge to the women we serve.

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds

The Second Step

Once a pregnancy test indicates a positive pregnancy result, patients are assessed for a limited obstetrical ultrasound examination performed by one of our Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (RDMS). An ultrasound exam is truly a “window to the womb.” Patients not only get to see their baby for the very first time, but the ultrasound is a medical diagnostic exam that is extremely important for the purpose of:

  • Diagnosing Pregnancy
  • Detecting fetal heartbeat
  • Determining fetal age
  • Determining approximate due date
  • Determining location of pregnancy (intrauterine/ectopic)

Pregnancy Facts

Week 3: The baby’s heart is beating.
Week 5: Tiny arms and legs appear.
Week 7: Brain activity is detected.
Week 14: The baby is now 3 inches long and has finger and toenails.
Week 20: Baby girls have a uterus and ovaries containing eggs.