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Financial Support

Southside Pregnancy Center is a non-profit, non-denominational 501 (c)(3) organization that exists solely through the contributions and kind gifts of individuals, families, churches and businesses who believe in our mission of saving lives and strengthening families.

It is the decision of Southside Pregnancy Center to avoid any funding (government or otherwise) that would prevent us from sharing the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That’s why we depend on the generosity of our life-minded friends to help advance the Kingdom work at Southside.

We asked our supporters, “Why do you give to Southside Pregnancy Center?” Here are some of their responses:

We believe in what you do.

I am Pro-Life!

We love that you’re helping young families.

I want to help young girls in a crisis.

I know how scary it feels to be a pregnant teenager, and I want her to have a safe place to go.

Our whole family has always given to support life.

We want to make sure your services continue.

Life is sacred and a part of God’s plan for family.

I give because I never had the blessing of having my own children.

We are so grateful to hear you minister to young men, too. Our son went to one of your Men’s Services program.

You helped my sister get through a difficult time after her abortion. She took classes at SPC and it changed her.

You helped me when I needed it. Now I want to give back.

We give because Southside shares the Gospel!

When I was a young man (a boy, really) I wanted to go to college, I didn’t want to be a dad so I broke it off with my pregnant girlfriend. I regret that decision today. Because you help the guys, too, maybe they’ll make a better decision.

We want to help families right in our own community.

I was denied the right to fatherhood, and I want other young men to have a place to go like SPC to get help.

Abortion is wrong, and I want girls to know there’s a better option.

I know my support will help you save unborn babies.

Whether you can resonate with one of these, or you have a completely different reason for giving, we want you to know we are grateful for your gifts.  You truly are making an eternal impact on the lives of so many. We would love to know “why” you give…tell us at


You can go online to donate your one-time gift now or choose to give monthly with automatic giving.

If you have any questions regarding online giving, please contact Lisa Kuiper, Administrative Assistant, or call 708-346-9070.

Major Contributions

For major contributions such as:

  • One-time gifts
  • Trust funds
  • Inheritance gifts
  • Estate planning/Endowments
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Family or Corporate Foundation Grants
  • Stocks, etc.

Please contact the Board Treasurer, Randy Heller, at or by calling 708-346-9070.

Other Giving Opportunities

Is your church looking for ways to make an impact on at-risk families in the community?


  • Adding Southside Pregnancy Center as your church’s monthly or yearly mission. Both one-time and recurring gifts are vital to our ministry. Recurring gifts are an important way to create a sustainable impact and to help Southside Pregnancy Center plan for the year ahead.
  • Hosting one of the following church sponsored events:
    • Baby Bottle Campaign
    • Baby Shower
    • Car Wash
    • Silent Auction
    • Garage Sale
    • Or, your own creative fundraising idea!
  • Consider giving from our Amazon Baby Registry. This is a creative way you can give directly to the clients we serve. This registry helps us support new mothers with necessary items to care for their babies and shower them both with love.